Utah Voter Database

Utah law requires that statewide voter registration data be available to the public. Utah statute has established a fee of $1,050.00 to acquire the voter database. The file is in tab-deliminted format and includes the following fields:


  • voter identification number;
  • first, middle, and last name;
  • voter status (active or inactive);
  • absentee status;
  • original registration date;
  • party affiliation;
  • phone number (if provided by voter);
  • mailing and residence address;
  • county and precinct;
  • Congressional district, state house district, state senate district, state school board district;
  • voter participation history; and
  • method of participation (absentee, by mail, normal, etc.).


NOTE: the file is very large (150 MB). The database requires one business day to generate. Please be aware that because the Utah Voter Database is updated in real-time, it is constantly changing. The fee is for a one-time acquisition of the Database; updates are not provided. Each subsequent request for the file will require a new payment. 

To request the Utah Voter Database, please complete the form below. Please direct any questions to the Lieutenant Governor's Office at elections@utah.gov or by phone at 801-538-1041.


Utah Voter Database Request Form


Other Voter Information and fees:

  • Lobbyist List - $10.00
  • Election Results - $35.00
  • Voter Information Database - $1,050.00
  • Has Voted Report - $35.00
  • Photocopies - $.25 (per page)