2010 Candidate Filings

This list includes all candidates who have filed a declaration of candidacy for the 2010 election.

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  • (E) = Eliminated in convention
  • (EP) = Eliminated in Primary
  • (P) = Candidate will have Primary Election
  • (D) = Disqualified
  • (W) = Withdrawal

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State Constitutional Offices | Judicial Retention | Write-in Candidates


Federal Candidates

Robert F Bennett (E) US Senate Republican
Scott N Bradley US Senate Constitution
Tim Bridgewater (EP) US Senate Republican
David Y Chiu (E) US Senate Republican
Merrill Cook (E) US Senate Republican
Cherilyn Eagar (E) US Senate Republican
Leonard J Fabiano (E) US Senate Republican
Jeremy Friedbaum (E) US Senate Republican
Sam F Granato US Senate Democratic
Mike Lee US Senate Republican
Christopher Stout (E) US Senate Democratic
Rob Bishop US House (1) Republican
Morgan E Bowen US House (1) Democratic
Kirk D Pearson US House (1) Constitution
Mike Ridgway (E) US House (1) Republican
Jared Paul Stratton US House (1) Libertarian
Ed Eliason (E) US House (2) Republican
Dave Glissmeyer US House (2) Unaffiliated
Wayne L Hill US House (2) Unaffiliated
Randall Hinton US House (2) Constitution
Jim Matheson US House (2) Democratic
Morgan Philpot US House (2) Republican
Neil Walter (E) US House (2) Republican
Claudia Wright (EP) US House (2) Democratic
Jason Chaffetz US House (3) Republican
Karen Hyer US House (3) Democratic
Joseph L Puente US House (3) Unaffiliated
Jake Shannon US House (3) Libertarian
Douglas Sligting US House (3) Constitution


Utah Constitutional Offices Candidates

Candidate Office Party
Farley M Anderson Governor Unaffiliated
Steve Maxfield Lieutenant Governor Unaffiliated
Peter Corroon Governor Democratic
Sheryl Allen Lieutenant Governor Democratic
Gary R Herbert Governor Republican
Greg Bell Lieutenant Governor Republican
Richard Martin (E) Governor Republican
W Andrew McCullough Governor Libertarian
Aric M Cramer, Sr Lieutenant Governor Libertarian
Daniel Van Oaks Jr. (E) Governor Republican
"SuperDell" Schanze (E) Governor Republican


Utah Senate Candidates

Nanci Lee Davis (D) District 2 Republican
Ben McAdams District 2 Democratic
Melvin Dean Nimer District 2 Republican
Lee Brinton District 3 Republican
Gene Davis District 3 Democratic
Doug Greer District 4 Republican
Dana Jenkins (W) District 4 Republican
Patricia Jones District 4 Democratic
Steve C Sorenson (W) District 4 Republican
Samuel Fidler District 5 Republican
Karen Mayne District 5 Democratic
Jim Peverelle, Jr District 5 Constitution
Eric K Johnson District 7 Republican
Ross I Romero District 7 Democratic
Tyler Ayres District 9 Democratic
Wayne Niederhauser District 9 Republican
C B Stirling (E) District 9 Democratic
Dave Hogue District 11 Democratic
Dwayne Nielson (E) District 11 Republican
Howard A Stephenson District 11 Republican
Brent H Goodfellow District 12 Democratic
James L Leigh (E) District 12 Republican
Jack T Nielsen (W) District 12 Republican
Daniel W Thatcher District 12 Republican
Linnea S Barney District 15 Democratic
Margaret Dayton District 15 Republican
Richard "Rick" Kent District 17 Democratic
Peter C Knudson District 17 Republican
Jeff McNeill (E) District 17 Republican
Sherry Phipps District 17 Constitution
Jon J Greiner (W) District 18 Republican
Stuart C Reid District 18 Republican
Betty Sawyer District 18 Democratic
Vincent C Marcus III District 21 Libertarian
Sarah Schofield District 21 Democratic
Jerry W Stevenson District 21 Republican
J Stuart Adams District 22 Republican
David A Hansen District 22 Constitution
Charlie Parker District 22 Democratic
Paul Dowland District 26 Democratic
Kevin T VanTassell District 26 Republican
Matthew D Carling (E) Distirct 28 Republican
Mathew Nephi Sorensen (E) District 28 Republican
Dennis E Stowell District 28 Republican

Utah House of Representatives Candidates

Don S Koyle (E) District 1 Republican
Ronda Rudd Menlove District 1 Republican
Douglas Beazer (W) District 2 Republican
Ben C Ferry (E) District 2 Republican
Becky Maddox District 2 Constitution
Lee B Perry District 2 Republican
Jack R Draxler District 3 Republican
Elaine Nelson (W) District 3 Republican
David G Butterfield District 4 Republican
Teresa L Theurer (E) District 4 Republican
Gilberto E Urroz District 4 Democratic
Chuck Bateman (EP) District 5 Republican
Paige Pagnucco District 5 Democratic
R Curt Webb District 5 Republican
Craig Call (E) District 6 Republican
Brad J Galvez District 6 Republican
Benjamin Pales District 6 Democratic
Randy Phipps (W) District 6 Republican
Brent Ropelato (E) District 6 Republican
Peter Conover Clemens District 7 Democratic
Ryan D Wilcox District 7 Republican
Gage Froerer District 8 Republican
Alan L Wheelwright District 8 Democratic
Jesse M Garcia (E) District 9 Democratic
Neil Hansen District 9 Democratic
Jeremy Peterson District 9 Republican
Dixon M Pitcher District 10 Republican
Randy Rounds District 10 Democratic
Brad Dee District 11 Republican
Steven Gaskill District 11 Democratic
Larry E Cisney District 12 Democratic
Richard A Greenwood District 12 Republican
Paul Ray District 13 Republican
Troy A Shingleton (E) District 13 Republican
Terry R Spencer (W) District 13 Republican
Ben F Wofford Distrcit 13 Democratic
Curtis Oda District 14 Republican
Christopher S Williams District 14 Democratic
Jory Francis (EP) District 15 Republican
Scott W Holt (E) District 15 Republican
Eric C Isom (E) District 15 Republican
Ryan Mellor (E) District 15 Democratic
Sherri Tatton District 15 Democratic
Brad R Wilson District 15 Republican
Mike Bouwhuis (E) District 16 Republican
Tom Clay (E) District 16 Republican
Chris Crowder (E) District 16 Republican
Stephen G Handy District 16 Republican
Cathy Nilsson (W) District 16 Republican
David A Armstrong District 17 Constitution
Julie Fisher District 17 Republican
John Campbell (W) District 18 Democratic
Roger Edward Barrus District 18 Republican
Ben Horsley (EP) District 19 Republican
Kris Kimball (E) District 19 Republican
Jim Nielson District 19 Republican
John S Pitt (E) District 19 Republican
Richard Watson District 19 Democratic
Reldon C White District 19 Constitution
Becky Edwards District 20 Republican
R Chet Loftis (E) District 20 Republican
Robert G Moultrie District 20 Constitution
D J Schanz (EP) District 20 Republican
William E Ward District 20 Democratic
Jonathan Dee Garrard District 21 Constitution
James Ross Gowans District 21 Democratic
Douglas Sagers District 21 Republican
Dan Cripps (E) District 22 Republican
Susan D Duckworth District 22 Democratic
Noel Fields District 22 Republican
Galen Mills (W) District 22 Republican
Adam Peeples (E) District 22 Republican
Brandon Scow (E) District 22 Republican
Richard D M Barnes District 23 Republican
Jennifer Seelig District 23 Democratic
Mark T Sweet District 23 Libertarian
Rebecca Chavez-Houck District 24 Democratic
Richard Nahum Goldberger (E) District 24 Democratic
Thomas Olds District 24 Constitution
Nephi J Robinson District 24 Republican
Joel K Briscoe District 25 Democratic
Janice W Clemmer (E) District 25 Republican
Dixon D Hindley (E) District 25 Democratic
Anthony C Kaye (EP) District 25 Democratic
John F Netto (E) District 25 Democratic
Rick Raile District 25 Republican
Ben Kendrick District 26 Republican
David Litvack District 26 Democratic
Tom Vasiliou (E) District 26 Republican
Seth Robert Wright (D) District 26 Republican
John Dougall District 27 Republican
Jenn Payne District 27 Democratic
James W Farley District 28 Republican
Brian S King District 28 Democratic
Janice Fisher District 29 Democratic
Eric Joel Freeman (E) District 29 Republican
Shirene L Saddler District 29 Republican
Brenda Woodhouse (E) District 29 Republican
Jackie Biskupski District 30 Democratic
Sinama Meli District 30 Republican
Grace Sperry District 31 Republican
Larry Wiley District 31 Democratic
Ryan Zumwalt (E) District 31 Republican
Ron Bigelow District 32 Republican
Merrill Humberg District 32 Democratic
Jennifer Schmith District 32 Constitution
Neal B Hendrickson District 33 Democratic
John Huntinghouse District 33 Republican
Johnny Anderson District 34 Republican
Clover Meaders District 34 Democratic
Rob Alexander District 35 Republican
Chelsea Travis District 35 Libertarian
Mark A Wheatley District 35 Democratic
Patrice Arent District 36 Democratic
Robert Book (E) District 36 Republican
Jason Epps District 36 Republican
Brennan H Moss (W) District 36 Democratic
Linda Cooper (E) District 37 Republican
Carol Spackman Moss District 37 Democratic
Margrethe Peterson District 37 Republican
Jared W Christensen (W) District 38 Republican
Eric Hutchings District 38 Republican
Michael Wallentine (D) District 38 Democratic
Jim Dunnigan District 39 Republican
Ryan J Kelly District 39 Libertarian
Alan Peterson District 39 Democratic
Val J Bateman District 40 Republican
Lynn N Hemingway District 40 Democratic
Sandra Johnson District 40 Libertarian
John Jackson District 41 Democratic
Todd E Kiser District 41 Republican
Matt Woolley District 41 Constitution
Jim Bird District 42 Republican
Myron L Burnett (E) District 42 Republican
D Mark Faux District 43 Constitution
Wayne A Harper District 43 Republican
Brian Yardley District 43 Democratic
Shawn P Bradley District 44 Republican
Tim M Cosgrove District 44 Democratic
Erin M Partridge District 44 Libertarian
Raymond J Poole (W) District 44 Republican
Laura Black District 45 Democratic
Steven Eliason District 45 Republican
David Perry District 45 Constitution
N William Clayton District 46 Republican
Ben Derrick (E) District 46 Republican
Marie H Poulson District 46 Democratic
Lee Anne Walker (E) District 46 Republican
Ken Ivory District 47 Republican
Steven R Mascaro (E) District 47 Republican
John Rendell District 47 Democratic
Trisha S Beck District 48 Democratic
Mike Carey (W) District 48 Republican
LaVar Christensen District 48 Republican
Derek Brown District 49 Republican
Con Maxfield (W) District 49 Republican
F Jay Seegmiller District 49 Democratic
Russell G Hatch District 50 Constitution
Greg Jarrard (E) District 50 Republican
Merlynn T Newbold District 50 Republican
Gary R Olsen District 50 Democratic
Steven E Roberts (EP) District 50 Republican
Jesse Christensen (E) District 51 Democratic
Greg Hughes District 51 Republican
Paul Recanzone District 51 Democratic
Shaun Kruger (W) District 52 Libertarian
Chad Reyes District 52 Unaffiliated
Carl D Wimmer District 52 Republican
Clyde Beutler District 53 Constitution
Melvin R Brown District 53 Republican
Jon Hellander (EP) District 53 Republican
Glenn J Wright District 53 Democratic
Kraig Powell District 54 Republican
Michael L "Mike" Binyon District 55 Democratic
George Hill District 55 Libertarian
John G Mathis District 55 Republican
Lori A Bonner District 56 Democratic
Kenneth W Sumsion District 56 Republican
James E Crismon District 57 Democratic
Curt Crosby District 57 Constitution
Craig A Frank District 57 Republican
John Glen Stevens (E) District 57 Republican
Steve Baugh District 58 Democratic
Stephen Eric Sandstrom District 58 Republican
James Greer District 59 Democratic
Val Peterson District 59 Republican
Michael J Thompson (EP) District 59 Republican
Bradley Daw District 60 Republican
Calvin Harper (E) District 60 Republican
Alan Keele District 60 Democratic
Keith Grover District 61 Republican
Deon S Turley District 61 Democratic
Christopher N Herrod District 62 Republican
Mark Peterson District 62 Democratic
David Acheson (W) District 63 Republican
Dawn Frandsen (E) District 63 Republican
Donald K Jarvis District 63 Democratic
Dean Sanpei District 63 Republican
Becky Lockhart District 64 Republican
Hal Miller District 64 Democratic
Francis D Gibson District 65 Republican
Mark Douglas Jarman (E) District 65 Republican
Michael T Morley District 66 Republican
Scott Brighton (E) District 66 Republican
Glen W Roberts (W) District 66 Republican
Richard L Behling (E) District 67 Republican
Patrick L Painter District 67 Republican
Scott Parkin District 67 Democratic
Feleni Siufanua District 67 Constitution
Ron Barlow (E) District 68 Republican
Gary R Van Horn District 68 Constitution
Bill Wright District 68 Republican
Jerry Anderson (D) District 69 Republican
Christine F Watkins District 69 Democratic
L S Brown District 70 Constitution
Kay L McIff District 70 Republican
Brad Last District 71 Republican
Barry Short District 72 Libertarian
Evan J Vickers District 72 Republican
Mike Noel District 73 Republican
David Clark District 74 Republican
Philip O Jensen District 74 Constitution
Cyril H Noble District 74 Democratic
Jerry Howard District 75 Democratic
Don L Ipson District 75 Republican


State School Board Candidates

Keith M Buswell District 2
Richard H Favero (E) District 2
Lisa Galvez (W) District 2
Monty B Hardy District 2
David A Hicken (E) District 2
Ann Meeks (E) District 2
Burtis J Bills District 3
Douglas G Bowen (E) District 3
Craig E Coleman District 3
Robert E H Enger (E) District 3
D Clark Turner (E) District 3
Kim R Burningham District 5
Diane Smith Cales (E) District 5
Nicole Toomey Davis District 5
Ruland Gill (E) District 5
Aneladee J Milne (E) District 5
Lisa Reed (E) District 5
Randy C Smith (E) District 5
Brad Walters (W) District 5
Lawrence Wright (E) District 5
Hank Bertoch (E) District 6
John H Hohlbauch District 6
Michael G Jensen District 6
Joel Coleman District 9
Daniel Steven Isham (E) District 9
Denis R Morrill (E) District 9
Milton C Witt District 9
Laurel O Brown District 10
Dixie Lee Allen District 14
Virginia Yazzie Howard (E) District 14
Michael R "Mike" Miles (E) District 14
Johny Thayne District 14
Tom Jett District 15
Debra G Roberts District 15
Paul B Terry (E) District 15


Judicial Retention

Clint S Judkins First Judicial District
Michael G Allphin Second Judicial District
Glen R Dawson Second Judicial District
Ernest W Jones Second Judicial District
Judith S H Atherton Third Judicial District
Michele M Christiansen Third Judicial District
Terry L Christiansen Third Judicial District
L A Dever Third judicial District
Robert P Faust Third Judicial District
Robert K Hilder Third Judicial District
Mark S Kouris Third Judicial District
Bruce C Lubeck Third Judicial District
Sandra N Peuler Third Judicial District
Randall N Skanchy Third Judicial District
Mary Kate A Toomey Third Judicial District
Vernice S Trease Third Judicial District
Donald J Eyre, Jr. Fourth Judicial District
Fred D Howard Fourth Judicial District
Claudia Laycock Fourth Judicial District
Darold J McDade Fourth Judicial District
David N Mortensen Fourth Judicial District
G Rand Beacham Fifth Judicial District
George M Harmond, Jr Seventh Judicial District
Douglas B Thomas Seventh Judicial District
William A Thorne, Jr. Court of Appeals
J Mark Andrus Second Juvenile District
Kimberly K Hornak Third Juvenile District
Mark W May Third Juvenile District
James R Michie, Jr Third Juvenile District
Frederic M Oddone Third Juvenile District
Suchada P Bazzelle Fourth Juvenile District
Sterling B Sainsbury Fourth Juvenile District
Hans Q Chamberlain Fifth Juvenile District
Thomas M Higbee Fifth Juvenile District
Paul D Lyman Sixth Juvenile District


Write-in Candidates

Loy Brunson US Senate Unaffiliated
Barbara A Elliott State House, District 33 Republican
Michael William Heath Governor Unaffiliated
Cody Judy US Senate Unaffiliated
Brian E Kamerath US Senate Libertarian
Steve Maxfield State House, District 52 Unaffiliated
Rob Wingfield (W) State House, District 11 Libertarian

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