Utah Voter Database

Utah law requires that statewide voter registration data be available to the public. Utah statute has established a fee of $1,050.00 to acquire the voter database. The file is in tab-delimited format and includes the following fields:


  • voter identification number;
  • first, middle, and last name;
  • voter status (active or inactive);
  • absentee status;
  • original registration date;
  • party affiliation;
  • phone number (if provided by voter);
  • mailing and residence address;
  • county and precinct;
  • Congressional district, state house district, state senate district, state school board district;
  • voter participation history; and
  • method of participation (absentee, by mail, normal, etc.).

The birth dates of voters are protected by law. Only entities or individuals that are considered "qualified person" as defined in Utah Code Ann. 20A-2-104(4) may obtain voters' month and year of birth. The day of the month of birth is considered a private record and cannot be provided. Please refer to the code or the form below to see if you are considered a "qualified person."

NOTE: the file is very large (150 MB). The database requires one business day to generate. Please be aware that because the Utah Voter Database is updated in real-time, it is constantly changing. The fee is for a one-time acquisition of the Database; updates are not provided. Each subsequent request for the file will require a new payment. 

To request the Utah Voter Database, please complete the form at the link below. Please direct any questions to the Lieutenant Governor's Office at elections@utah.gov or by phone at 801-538-1041.

Utah Voter Database Request Form (Fillable PDF)


Other Reports and Fees:

  • Lobbyist List - $10.00
  • Photocopies - $.25 (per page)